Our Story

Integrity through Transparency

About XARIS Construction in Fort Langley BC

Xaris Construction Management, Langley BC“The most significant achievement of our $7.6 M upgrade was that it was brought the project in on budget, and included extras we didn’t think achievable.”


“Another achievement was the incorporation of donated materials. We obtained 15 logging truck loads of wood that had to be trucked, milled, and incorporated into the design. The result is a wood-based upgrade that reflects the history of the community.”



-John Elzinga, Former Manager Cowichan Lake Sports Arena

XARIS lives by the philosophy of its founders, “Integrity Through Transparency” and it’s not just a catchy phrase – it’s the notion that construction management should be a transparent process inclusive of all stakeholders and a process where value is realized at all phases of design and construction.

XARIS is a construction ‘consulting’ firm managing building projects through a comprehensive Construction Management program. With a full portfolio of successfully completed new, expanded and renovated public projects, our team has a history of constructing exciting & successful projects, like yours. This includes projects both in the private and public arena.

XARIS is a newly formed company, but the personnel experience with Construction Management goes back 15 years. Through the entire project life-cycle, from Pre-Construction to the Grand Opening, our team can draw on their wealth of knowledge in the construction of commercial buildings, community facilities, including extensive experience in Budgeting, Value Engineering, Cost Control, Green Building, and Scheduling.

XARIS’s current project volume is estimated to be approx. $30M to the end of 2014 and we have 6 dedicated office staff plus an additional 5 to 10 key field personnel (Site managers/superintendents, CSO’s and carpenters/laborers) at all times. Our office is located in Fort Langley. Kevin Speilman, and Albert Malowany are partners in the company.