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We keep our clients fully informed as we manage each step of the construction project – where it is ahead, where it is behind and what is being done to address any risks. This approach is not for everyone. Some clients would prefer not to know when things are going off the rails, in the hope that the problem will get taken care of and they will never have to experience any stress associated with changes to schedule. Our belief, however, is that this experience need not be stressful. Well-informed means that clients always know where they stand and can make the best decisions at each step of the construction management process.

Coulter Berry Building

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Xaris Construction on Coulter Berry Building Fort Langley BC

Coulter Berry Building, Fort Langley, BC, 2013-14 (LEED Gold)

Xaris at Coulter Berry in Fort Langley Coulter Berry is a 46,000 ft2 multi-use three story commercial building with underground parking. The project is a LEED Gold project complete with Geothermal for heating and cooling.
Mechanical and electrical systems will use state of the art monitoring and controls to ensure the building is both efficient and easy to operate for years to come. View the project website at: http://www.coulterberry.com/If you are interested in seeing Fort Langley grow and prosper while being sensitive to our history, lend your support on Facebook at Support Coulter Berry.

Photo credit: Jeremy Boudreau, Xaris Construction

City Centre Park Sportsplex

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Langford Arena - Xaris Construction Mark Van Ek

Construction of City Centre Park Sportsplex, Langford BC, 2011, Completed 2011.

  • Family entertainment centre
  • 20 lane bowling facility
  • NHL-standard ice rink
  • Seats for 500 people
  • Full restaurant and bar

Significant savings were realized during the tendering process, which enabled these savings to be spent on other important client needs. Xaris strives to achieve savings and efficiencies in our construction management projects. Our team was also able to complete this project for the City of Langford’s target date, despite additional scope and late decisions on the bowling-related design. We also managed the project schedule and worked with the Owner and Design Team such that the project was completed on-time, and a significant number of “wish-list” items were also added. Mark Van Ek was Senior Construction Manager for this project.